About the Struggle with Drug Abuse

On the September 8 at the meeting of the Security Council the initiative to mastermind the consistent state policy of struggle with drug distribution and drug abuse prevention was outspoken.

The fact of increasing the drug consumption among young adults is well-known. Accordingly to the official statistics during latest 10 years the amount of registered “addicts” has increased to 60 percent and is as follows 500 thousand people. Nevertheless these numbers are obviously lower because of the fact that the considerable number of drug abused people is not registered in drug abuse centers. For another thing, the consistent classification in the sphere of drug abuse is not chosen: the large part of young adults consumes drugs, smokes “grass”. It is not a secret that in some discos and clubs there is the load industry of drug distribution. Though, it is possible to trust the experts’ assessments of 2–2.5 million consuming people who are mainly younger adults. These numbers arouse great anxiety. (mayak.info)

It is clear that the drug addiction of such high number of younger adults together with one more Russian trouble – countrywide drunkenness – does not encourage in the aspect of labor force rising and hardening, without help of those no economic, social sphere, culture growth is possible. Drug abuse became indeed the menace to the national security.

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