About the Trial over D. Evsyukov.

The trial over major D. Evsyukov who fusilladed in the supermarket several people turns wide public attention to it not because of that his crime stroke not-born-yesterday Russians (the drunk major after he had had a quarrel with his wife fusilladed several people in the supermarket) but of the fact that during the trial the taints of court procedure, the activity of law-enforcement authorities, ethics of relationship between the State and civilians has got revealed.

First of all the solution of the question about paying compensations to the victims of the violence has not moved in realization. Let us recall that the court disallowed the claim for 5 million roubles of the complainant Ilya Gerasimenko who got two bullet wounds into his head and abdomen. 19 years old Ilya had maxillofacial surgical operation; he will have to be operated to pull out the bullet that is near his heart. His lawyer I. Trunov spoke that victim’s state of health was becoming worse: the bullet had started moving and the surgeons insisted on operation. The agreement to make the operation for 100 thousand roubles was reached with the hospital, but not even this sum of money came to victim, upon the words of the lawyer.

It is difficult to comment such state of affairs. The most elementary norms of consciousness and responsibility of the State for the life of its citizen whom employed by the State right to defend people major Evsyukov injured are defied. Without laying out the insignificant for itself sum of money for I. Gerasimenko, Russian State definitely speaks: ‘we do not to care a damn to our citizens and to the situations happening with them’. Moreover, it seems that the pressure upon the lawyer is brought; it is hardly to explain as an accidental coincidence the fact that unknown persons broke the windows of his car just during the session of the court.

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