Book Fair in Moscow

Public Figures Expressed Indignation on the Appearance of Black-Hundred Books at the Book Fair in Moscow.
The day before opening of the 22th Moscow International Book Fair the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, the fund ‘Holocaust’ and the Moscow Anti-Fascist Centre spoke with joint application in which they expressed their anxiety of the fact than on authoritative fair fifth year in a row (!) the books of undisguised Black-Hundred content had been on display.

It was a question of the book-presentation by former minister of press B. Mironov who had been exonerated of the criminal responsibility for incitement of ethnic hatred only because the statute of limitation of the crime has expired. The text of the book ‘Russians: Final Frontier’, that has been got out by publishing house ‘Algorithm’ in 2009, speaks for itself and needs no comments, though here are two quotations:
‘For all Russian peoples the awareness of the fact that all Russian natives have one enemy, comes, at last – and this enemy is the sheeny’ (p. 53).

‘Aside from the Duma, but the whole of the State power – the Council of the Federation, the Government and the Administration of the President are turned into sheeny buffoonery and hole-in-the-wall’ (p. 175).

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