Alla Gerber

The writer, the critic, the publicist; the president of the All-Russia centre ‘Holocaust’; the deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation of the 1st convocation (1993–1995); was born on January 3rd, 1932 in Moscow; graduated from juridical faculty of the MSU named by Lomonosov M.V. in 1956; worked in advocacy; since 1957 has practiced professional journalistic; worked in the newspaper ‘Evening Moscow’, the magazines ‘Youth’, ‘Journalist’, ‘Culture and Life; 1970–1973, the editor at the Gorkiy Motion-Picture Studio; 1973–1978, the observer of the magazine ‘Soviet Screen’; since 1978, the freelancer journalist; since 1985, had actively joined the social activity, became the member of the Independent Movement of Writers ‘April’; has been the member of the Coordination Council of the movement ‘Democratic Russia’, became one of the founders and the member of the Council of the Russian Antifascist Centre; since 1993, the participant of the movement ‘The Choice of Russia’; in December 1993 was elected as the deputy of the State Duma of the RF from the Northern electoral district # 199 (Moscow), has been the member of the fraction ‘The Choice of Russia’, the member of the SD Committee for education, culture and science; in 1994, the member of the initiative group of the party ‘The Democratic Choice of Russia’, was elected as the member of the Political Council of the party; appeared in press as the cinema and theatre critic; the author of the publicist speechification against anti-Semitism and Fascism; published the books: ‘One on One‘ (1969), ‘Conversations in the Workshop’ (1981), ‘The Fate and the Theme: Etudes about Inna Churikova’ (1986), ‘Mom and Dad’ (1994), etc.; the member of the Writers’ Union and of the Journalists’ Union.

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