Alexandr Bord

Was born in 1969.
Education: the Samara State University, philological faculty, juridical faculty.
Worked at television, in newspapers.
Since 1990 till 2000, the chief-editor of the interregional newspaper ‘Tarbut’ (‘Culture’).
Directed the fund ‘The People is Eternal’, engaged publishing programs, producing dramatics and evenings, legal assistance projects.
Since November 2001, the head of The Moscow Bureau for Human Rights.
The director of the projects for investigating the problems of xenophobia, racism, ethnic discrimination in the RF, the citizen legislative assistance, the legislative assistance of business, holding educational and methodical seminars for workers in MSM, law-enforcement authorities, leaders of NGOs, the organizer of the publishing programs.
The executive director of the festival ‘For the Life’ (‘Culture against Extremism, Terrorism, for Human Rights’).
The member of the Expert Council under the Human Rights Commissioner in the RF.
The executive director of the Institute of Law and Regional Development.
The member of the workgroup of the State Duma of the RF Committee for Legislation.
The executive board member of Russian Department of the International Society for Human Rights.
The member of the editorial council of the newspaper ‘Literature news’ (department of the Moscow Writers Union).
The laureate of the prize ‘The Man of the Year’ (‘For Counteraction Extremism and Xenophobia’).
The member of the Public Chamber of the RF (was appointed by the RF Presidential Edict dated September 27, 2007 -

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